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Aerial view of St Anne's

Care for St Anne’s has been supporting the restoration and maintenance of St Anne’s, Limehouse, since 1977.  St Anne’s is Limehouse’s Anglican parish church and is a Grade I listed building with an architecturally important history.

A short history

The church is one of six baroque masterpieces created by Nicholas Hawksmoor with funding from the coal tax via the Commission for Building Fifty New Churches.

Consecrated in 1730, St Anne’s was gutted by fire in 1850 and subsequently restored by Philip Charles Hardwick, architect of the former magnificent Great Hall of Euston Station.  Read more about the heritage of St Anne’s

By the 1970s, St Anne’s was falling into disrepair and Care for St Anne’s was formed to preserve the building.  Read more about Care for St Anne’s

Restoration so far

Care for St Anne’s has undertaken significant restoration works at St Anne’s, meaning that the building is structurally sound and its external envelope repaired.  In the 1980s, a new tensile steel structure, designed by architect Julian Harrap, was inserted inserted into the roof void. The nave ceiling was gently straightened and made stronger.  In addition, the church organ was extensively restored in 2002. Read more about the restoration so far

Where next?

Care for St Anne’s continues in its commitment to preserve St Anne’s so that this important building can be used and enjoyed by all, now and in the future.   Accessibility is a key factor: Hawksmoor’s vision for an imposing landmark was achieved, in part, by placing 15 steps up to the entrances.  These steps, although architecturally impressive, significantly reduce accessibility and our first priority for future restoration is to install a lift and create step-free access to nave and gallery levels.

An original doorway from the churchyard into the crypt will be used for the step-free route.  From the crypt, a lift will take visitors to nave and gallery levels. Once step-free access is in place, we will continue to work on the interior and restore the building to its original glory. Read more about the current projects

Care for St Anne’s is a registered charity, no 288889